Apple Inc., the largest publicly traded company in the world, has reportedly thrown a temper tantrum after a judge told it to give information to Samsung about a recent patent agreement with Taiwanese company HTC, reports the International Business Times.

In response, the mega-corporation has added six more Samsung products to those they want a US court to order off American shelves due to what Apple says are patent infringements.

According to reports, the six new gadgets Apple is going after include the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini.

Both Apple and its closest rival Samsung have been filing legal case after legal case against each other in courts all over the world since Spring 2011. In some courts Apple is the victor while in others Samsung reigns supreme.

Whatever the outcome of the latest Apple attack against Samsung, the IT giant seems intent on proving again and again it won’t fight Samsung by producing the better products but instead will spend billions of dollars on legal attacks, which unfortunately don’t benefit consumers at all.