Boy burned as BlackBerry phone 'bursts into flames'   (Photo by Newsteam)

Boy burned as BlackBerry phone ‘bursts into flames’ (Photo by Newsteam)

Gift Blackberry Seriously Burns Boy

The excitement that 11-year old Kian McCrath felt when he brother gifted him with a new Blackberry device soon turned to terror after the smartphone set his bed on fire. The spontaneous combustion of the Blackberry Smartphone is being considered the primary cause of his bedding catching on fire and seriously burning the boy.

Mrs McCreath told the Daily Mail she couldn’t sleep and spotted the phone on the landing at around 2.30am as she went downstairs for a drink. She added: ‘He’d set an alarm on the phone so I unplugged it and took it through to their bedroom.

“I plonked it on Kian’s bed because his was nearest to the door.

“I thought nothing of it, made a cup of tea then I heard a really loud pop sound. Kian started screaming at the top of his voice, shouting “my bed’s on fire!” His feet had pretty much been engulfed in flames.

‘I ran into the room and started battering the flames with his brother’s quilt to put them out. The bed was charred and the phone itself was just a blackened shell. My son could quite easily have died.”

The injuries to his feet and legs were caused by burning plastic sticking to them and doctors say it is likely that permanent scarring will result from the burns he received. McCrath said it was very scary to wake up and have his legs enveloped in flames and now he continues to have nightmares about the accident.

Kian, who was treated at George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, following the incident on November 25, is now ‘wary’ of using his own Samsung phone, she added.

His parents are insisting that the model 9320 which caused the fire be recalled from store shelves before another individual gets hurt by a malfuncting phone.

Reps from RIM have since gone to the families home to examine the phone.

Mr McCreath said: “I want them to be recalled. That handset is dangerous and it needs to be tested. A lot of the kids are raving about that BlackBerry phone right now.

“My main concern is the safety of other kids.”

Some people speculate that perhaps it’s the case the phone is in and not a faulty device.

One Daily Mail reader noted:

“I have owned BBs for as long as I can remember purely because I want the tech but the qwerty keyboard too, the photo shows some sort of skin or case – I would say that unless its a genuine BB item that shuts the phone down in the holster then I would be careful especially with the types available online like kids themes etc, the BB 9320 is a great phone and I have one now – again never a problem – I use genuine BB products and the like and I recommend anyone else to do the same. Either way it will im sure get sorted, im just glad that all was ok in the end. – Universally – things go wrong, sometimes, whatever the brand.”

A spokesman from Research in Motion said: “We take claims of this nature very seriously and are investigating this matter as a priority.” She declined to comment further.

There is no word from McCrath’s parents on whether or not they intend on suing Blackberry.