"Facebook Dead" Prank Causing False Account Locks

“Facebook Dead” Prank Causing False Account Locks

“Facebook Dead” Prank Causing False Account Locks

The form that popular social media website Facebook uses to have family members report that a user has died is becoming widely used in pranks to lock users who are very much alive from using their accounts.

According to My Fox, when Facebook receives the completed form contending that a Facebook account user has passed away, it takes steps to lock down their account and proceeds to create a Memorial page in its place.

Because Facebook only requires an obituary as proof that the account user has died, pranksters are submitting doctored and phony obituaries with the user’s same name to create havoc for many account holders on the popular site.

For account users who have been the victim of the Facebook Dead prank, they have little recourse other than to contact Facebook authorities to alert them that they are very much alive and wait until Facebook responds.

That’s what happened to Ryan, who was dead for over a month.

Facebook has declared me dead, which is an issue all of itself (who the f— checks that? And does a ****** job as well). I have been attempting to get help from them for over a month to no avail. They will not respond to bug requests, emails, or anything. I have left a question on their Help Center which they clearly don’t check, only to be ignored (and to find out there are more people like me who have this issue). This might not be your standard fare but any suggestions? This is by far and away the WORST customer service ever, even if it is a free product. This seemingly could happen to anyone. Thanks!

“We try to take all necessary precautions when processing user requests and provide an appeals process for any possible mistake we may make,” Facebook said in response to the death prank.

There is no word if any prank victims plan on taking legal action against Facebook for prematurely closing their accounts.