Big Paypal Changes Coming This year

Big Paypal Changes Coming This year

PayPal Plans Aggressive Changes for 2013

PayPal customers who for years have been frustrated with the online payment processor’s elaborate system of filters that often cause client’s funds to become frozen are encouraged to hear that the company is planning some aggressive changes to the way it operates in 2013.

“These are not minor — these are aggressive changes,” said Anuj Nayar, PayPal’s senior director of communications. “This is a fundamental shift in our business operations.”

Much of the problem of frozen funds is connected to the company’s current system of preventing unauthorized users from fraudulently accessing the PayPal accounts of legitimate companies and individuals. But for too many years, these same security measures have unfortunately trapped legitimate charities and other businesses that have caused their funds to be frozen for inordinate amounts of time.

PayPal, owned by the same company that operates E-Bay, the largest auction website on the internet, did not provide specific details about the “aggressive changes” it was planning, but assures its legitimate customers that the changes about to take place will help to prevent the months of wrangling and miles of paperwork to unfreeze funds.

Customers have become so enraged at PayPal’s lack of response and clear communication as to how to unlock frozen funds that entire websites have sprung up for posting the nightmare situations that many have encountered when trying to transfer legitimate funds from their PayPal account into their own bank accounts.

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