Sony Unveils Long Awaited Playstation 4

Sony formally stepped in the ring to battle Microsoft in the gaming console war with the unveiling of the next generation PlayStation 4 or PS4. This is the biggest revision to the PlayStation since the release of the PS3 seven years ago. Sony hopes the PS4 will turn around their sagging sales against their rivals.

The problem is that the rivals are no longer just Microsoft and Nintendo with their Xbox and Wii systems respectively.

Tablet manufacturers Samsung and Apple Inc. are stealing sales away from the traditional gaming console market.

In fact, in 2012, gaming console sales were down 22% largely due to the increased competition from tablets. The new PS4 features improved speed, a “share” button, motion pad, touch pad, and “light” bar for console tracking.

The new PS4 will include social and remote game playing features. The remote gaming function is what led rival Xbox to claim market share as the leading console with the “Xbox Live” function.

The “social” aspect will take advantage of Facebook gaming, which is a new trend gaining popularity.

Sony hopes the PS4 will address the short-comings in the PS3 and win back market share. Their rival Microsoft plans to unveil their next generation Xbox in June during the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.