Facebook photo raid: Did Authorities Overreact?

facebook might pay users following class action suit

Police Raid After Facebook Photo Posting

A simple photo of a smiling child brought down a police raid and a visit from a state welfare agency in New Jersey. The photo was on Shawn Moore’s Facebook page and it showed his 11 year old son smiling while holding a .22 caliber rifle that he received for his birthday.

Moore received a call from his wife that four New Jersey police were at his home in Carneys Point asking to see his guns. New Jersy Department of Children and Families investigators were also present. The police requested that Moore open his gun safe so they could check his weapons. Moore returned home and called the family’s attorney, Evan Nappen, who spoke with police by speakerphone.

Nappen informed the state agents that without a search warrant they could not enter the Moore household nor could they see the contents of the safe. Moore asked police if they had a warrant. When informed that they did not, Moore asked them to leave.

Police and welfare investigators then left, and Moore has not heard from either agency since the event occurred. Moore believes that someone saw the innocent photo
and called the child abuse tip line, which lead to Friday’s raid.