Scientist Uncover a 2 Million-Year-Old Chimp-like Human Ancestor

What is now considered to be a quite striking discovery into our past as a species, was actually discovered 4 years ago, but is only now beginning to be understood. The hominid, believed to have roamed around in what is now southern Africa, has been dubbed Australopithecus sediba, and appears to be a 2 million year old ancestor of the human race.

Finding early human fossils is a rare occurrence, and this find is considered significant because it contains the best preserved set of foot, leg and hip pieces. This skeleton has allowed us to see how this early human would have walked.

Australopithecus sediba walked in a pigeon toed fashion, having a similar hip and leg structure to a chimpanzee. But A. sediba also had a more flexible spine, resembling ours, that allowed it to stand upright and cover large distances on foot. The ape-like ancestor had very long, powerful arms that show he would have been an adept climber.

The skeletal structure contains many pieces common to us today, and just as many that are shared with the chimpanzee. This newly discovered species gives scientists greater insight into the our origins and helps fill an important evolutionary gap.


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