Firefox Redesign Coming Says Mozilla

Firefox Redesign Coming Says Mozilla

Major Revision to Firefox Coming – Code Named “Australis”

The venerable internet browser Mozilla Firefox may be headed for some major changes as per the company’s vice-president. How significant are the changes?

The VP of Mozilla has called into question whether the term “browser” will even be appropriate any longer. He believes that mobile applications and social networking websites will hold the key to obtaining internet information.

What is certain is that Google’s browser Chrome has been making major inroads into Firefox’s domain.

Ten years ago, Firefox was roundly considered to be the fastest internet browser on the market and vastly superior to Microsoft’s clunky “Internet Explore”. Several years ago, Google launched a very successful ad campaign to illustrate that the Chrome browser they developed was now the fastest browser.

Some of the features that Firefox is said to be coming up with soon will only serve to give it a more Chrome-like appearance which as the adage says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Now, exactly what the VP of Mozilla meant by saying that Firefox will make use of social networking sites as a replacement to the antiquated word “browser” remains to be seen.

The word “browser” may be decades old at this point, but it is still the primary application launched when internet access is wanted.

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