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Record Number of iPhone Preorders

Apple Launches It’s Own iPhone Trade-In Program

Apple Computers is attempting to turn the tide on the declining market share of its once cutting edge smartphone: the iPhone. In recent years, the iPhone has been steadily losing ground to the myriad of Linux-based smartphones known as “Android” phones. Also challenging Apple’s dominance is Microsoft with its Windows 8-based smartphones.

In response, Apple has teamed up with trade-in expert Brightstar Corp. to handle the program to exchange older iPhone 4 phones for the new iPhone 5. Apple hopes that by encouraging their existing base of loyal users to switch to the new phone, they can spur additional sales.

The iPhone 5 has been selling briskly and the new plan certainly can’t hurt matters. Both Telecom companies T-Mobile and AT&T already have agreements with Brightstar Corp. to operate trade-in programs. In the case of AT&T, the company may pay enough money for the older iPhone 4 to make the iPhone 5 free with a two-year agreement.

An analyst at Recon Analytics did not see Apple’s new program as being superfluous given AT&T and T-Mobile. Rather, he sees it a good move on the part of Apple to embrace the lucrative iPhone refurb market. Just last month, Samsung surpassed Apple as the top smartphone seller.

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