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  • vetri

    June 8, 2013

    Human fuckers won’t cross 2500 AD. Extinction of homo-sapiens is the only way to save this earth.

    Every week, humans make at least species extinct.
    Global warming and increase in temperature will make sure greedy humans not to exist on this planet anymore by 2500.

    In the name of survival, we gulp too much meat and we drive too many vehicles to pollute the air.

    Because of mobiles and other technological signals, trillions of innocent birds and insects are being affected every sec.

    When tragedies like British petroleum oil spill happen, despite millions of innocent creatures deaths, we humans call it an accident and we keep on using oil

    We all 7 billion greedy fuckers are going to rot in HELL, no matter what you do.
    Only exceptions would be those who care for animals or those who feed poor people by neglecting their benefits.

    Go and live your so-called beautiful life by knowingly making sins every sec


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