Dog burries Puppy Video Goes Viral

Dog burries Puppy Video Goes Viral

Dog Buries Puppy: Video Viral Sensation Shows Dog Burying Dead Puppy

A video making the internet rounds showing a dog discovering a dead puppy on the roadway and then burying it has became a viral sensation. Many feel that the video shows the adult dog taking sympathy on the dead pup and providing a decent burial for the younger dog. Little is known about where the activity took place, as the location for the dog is given only as an unknown area in the Middle East, reports the Daily Mail.

“Rather than leave it to scavengers, who would inevitably have torn it limb from limb,” the Daily Mail notes, “she spent more than three minutes gently raking sand over the corpse with her snout with extraordinary care.”

The video has stunned viewers across the world, and many have praised the dog for its compassionate instincts.

“Bless that dog,” posted Carolbehm54 on YouTube under the video.
“So sad. Breaks my heart. But very touching to see the mother dog bury her deceased puppy :'(,” added Willr1976.

But critics of the video are cautioning viewers not to see the dog’s burial actions as heartwarming because the adult dog may have been acting purely out of self-interest rather than kindness or sympathy.

Dog experts who have viewed the video are quick to point out that it is possible that the dog buried the dead puppy as he would have an old bone to retrieve later for snacking or for use as a chew toy. Critics also claim that dogs who have a litter of puppies are often discovered eating a puppy who is in failing health or eating any one of the litter who did not survive childbirth. Although the dog burial video is drawing oohs and aahs from viewers, it is unlikely the dog felt any sympathy for the dead puppy.

Check out the dog buries puppy video below.

Dog Buries Puppy, Not “Heartbreaking” as Some Assume

Dog Buries Puppy: Video Goes Viral as Dog Performs Compassionate Burial (VIDEO)