Facebook changes to news feed again:  Do People Even Notice Any More?

Facebook changes to news feed again: Do People Even Notice Any More?

Facebook Changes to News Content to Give Users a Better Chance at Viewing Relevant Content

Facebook wants to ensure users see relevant content in their news feed, reports Forbes.

In the past, the most precious “aisle space” of the news feed, which is the top, was occupied by the newest stories. The presumption being that the most relevant stories are the new ones. That is no longer the case.

The social networking giant will allow older stories to bump their way to the top of the news feed if they are believed to be more relevant to interests of the user and are unread. Facebook reports that the average user has 1,500 pieces on content in their news feed. Because of space constraints, Facebook serves up only 300 news pieces of content daily to the average user.

They now report that since making the news feed changes on the desktop access, there is 5% rise in the “Likes” users post to news feed content.

In fact, the total amount of news feed being read increased from 57% to 70%. The more users interact with the website, the more time to view ads. The changes have not yet taken effect on the mobile application side, but is forth coming. Not all users favor the changes and some have been critical. Facebook is attempting to address their criticisms, but the bottom line is the change is happening.

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Facebook Changes News Feed To Bump Up More Relevant Content