Visitors to this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas got a sneak peak at an exciting new television set being offered by
ef=”. Sharp unveiled its newest entertainment product, an 85-inch 8K TV that enables viewers to enjoy 3D playback without having to wear any silly glasses. Sharp announced their new TV was created in concert with Dolby and Phillips, two other powerhouse names in the consumer electronics industry. In addition to its size, the main attraction of the giant TV screen is its “lifelike 3D picture” which can be viewed without the use of glasses or any other special viewing device.

The new television set also features a resolution which rates sixteen times that of HDV TVs available in today’s marketplace. Even though fans of the best and newest electronic gadgets are excited by what they saw at the CES event, consumers will have to cool their heels a little longer before they can order this beauty from Sharp as no exact launch date has been announced and no pricing has been revealed for the new 3D television set. The introduction of this latest model follows three years after Sharp launched the world’s first 85-inch 8K TV.

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For when 4K just isn’t enough, Sharp unveils 85-inch 8K 3D TV

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