The Week of April 13 Marks Palindrome Week

It is sure to be something to raise the eyebrows of Tarot card readers, fortune tellers, astrologers, and those who lend faith to numerology in any of its forms because the date for every day this week is a palindrome. A palindrome is a number or word which can appears exactly the same forward as it does in reverse. Seeing is believing as shown below:

Sunday, 4/13/14 – digits 41314
Monday, 4/14/14 – digits 41414
Tuesday, 4/15/14 – digits 41514
Wednesday, 4/16/14 – digits 41614
Thursday, 4/17/14 – digits 41714
Friday, 4/18/14 – digits 41814
Saturday, 4/19/14 – digits 41914

Is it coincidental that this week the moon is blood red due to a solar eclipse? Is it coincidental that this week is also the point where the planet mars is at its closet to earth? There must truly be something significant in such an occurrence, but that will be left to the mystics and those eager to part ways their hard earned money to determine. If it is, the benefits will come mainly to Americans and a select few other countries. This is not to say that the mystical fortune is a result of American Exceptionalism. At least not this time around. Rather, it is the result of the United States representing dates in a MM/DD/YY format. Much of Europe such as Scandinavia use a DD/MM/YY format and in those countries these dates are not palindromes. However, perhaps they should switch to the American way. After all, it appears that the universe is aligning itself with the USA as the celestial signs attest.