Heads Continue to Roll at Twitter – Media Head Latest Victim

San Francisco, CA – The pioneer of SMS texting-based social networking is reeling from a slowdown in growth that has Wall Street getting increasingly bearish on their stock. As a result, heads have begun to roll. The first person to be force out was Ali Rowghani, the Chief Operating Officer. Now, news comes out that less than 24 hours later that Chloe Sladden, the Media Head, just got served up as well. It makes sense that the problems facing Twitter’s growth trajectory come from the top-level management. It remains to be see how effective the shakeup will be at further penetrating an increasingly saturated social networking market.

For her part, Sladden tweeted her followers that Twitter was her dream job, but after five years she’ll need to open a new chapter in her life. Analysts were largely content with Rowghani’s departure. After all, he had the task of revving up Twitter’s growth and when the growth rate stalled, he became the fall guy. However, it isn’t so clear to many why Sladden was given her walking papers. Sladden’s job was to build the Twitter brand with TV partnerships and it appeared to be doing well. The selfie featuring a host of celebrities at the Oscars was wildly popular with fans. For all this, Twitter had changed the focus of the team she built up over the past five years and she was already set to leave next month. In her case, she simply got out sooner.

One analyst doesn’t believe these two high-level managers mark the end of the restructure. Twitter seems to have adopted a new tack that essentially says: “The firings will continue until attitudes have changed and productivity increased.” In the coming months, everyone will get to see how well that strategy works out for them.

Chloe Sladden leaves twitter