The person who said you can always go home, never lived in the Groves apartment complex in South Carolina. Sergeant William Bolt plans to surprise his wife and newborn baby for the holidays, was quickly interrupted by a personal surprise he received from his wife’s landlord.

Bolt is currently stationed in Missouri and his wife in Central California. Lily, Bolts wife, apparently gave birth to their first child, a girl, only two week earlier.

Following Bolt’s seven day stay at his wife’s apartment, Bolt was told he should leave.
According to the landlord, visitors could only stay for seven days per agreement term. Bolt stated the landlord showed no compassion or remorse for his decision to evict his wife, if he remained in the apartment. Bolt’s fear is not for him, but for his wife who is a full time student and a new mom.

After Bolt took the rental lease agreement to an attorney to review, the attorney concluded that the lease is poorly written, and the landlord would have a difficult time enforcing such a lease, under the current circumstances.

The fact that the visitor is the tenant’s husband may be grounds for a dismissal if an eviction is forthcoming.