Dish Network Cited for Multiple Millions of ‘Do Not Call Violations’

Dish Network has been up to more than just bringing television programs into homes across the nation, the satellite television network has also been very busy breaking the law. A federal court has found Dish Network liable for making multiple millions of “Do Not Call List” violations.

The Federal Trade Commission had also accused and provided the court with evidence that Dish Network had broken telemarketing sales rules and contacted well over 57 million people who were on the ‘National Do Not Call’ (DNC) registry list. The FTC won the three-year old court battle and found Dish liable for 4,094,099 calls it or its vendors made to numbers on the Registry and for 2,730,842 calls its retailers made to numbers on the DNC Registry.

Dish disputed the allegations and court ruling, blaming the FTC itself with the issue because the agency outsourced the management of the Do Not Call registry list which resulted in mismanagement of the phone numbers and created a “mess”. Dish Network is also complaining that the court ruling places all the burden and blame on them while allowing third-party contractors who were responsible for making the calls or hiring the telemarketers to walk away scott-free.>

The sales pitch phone calls made to people who had their phone numbers on the ‘Do Not Call’ registry were bothered by more than just a dinner-time interruption or early morning wake-up call, many were charged for the phone calls due to their cell phone plans. The charges were not minimal, often eating away at cell plan minutes and adding hundreds of dollars onto the monthly cell phone bill because of repeat calling. Complaints were also heard from people with landline phone in their homes or offices who had their phone lines tied up for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour due to ‘abandoned’ telemarketers calls.

>Bellow is the full report from FTC