Rowan Atkinson car:  Actor Is Sell His Mclaren F1 For A Cool $15M

Rowan Atkinson car: Actor Is Sell His Mclaren F1 For A Cool $15M

Funny man Rowan Atkinson is selling his McLaren F1.

If you have an extra $15 million lying around you can buy this rare beast of a car.

Luxury London dealer Taylor & Crawley is selling the car on his behalf.

The acting legend behind Mr Bean, Blackadder and more comic legends has owned the seminal supercar since new for 17 years.

In that time, he has had two severe shunts – the latest of which reputedly cost nearly £1m to repair, making it one of the UK’s most expensive ever insurance claims – and covered 41,000 miles.

A very well loved McLaren F1

That milage is telling: Atkinson has used the car as its inventors intended, on school runs, cross-Continental holidays and just for ‘pootling about’ to the shops. It’s good to see such an idolised, and expensive, supercar being used so vigorously.

And as the Mirror points out, the car has some real wear and tear behind it too:

But owning it has not always been a smooth ride for the Mr Bean creator, who is worth an ­estimated £71million.

In August 2011 he lost control when he hit a slippery patch of road near ­Peterborough. The car smashed into a tree and he was left with a shoulder injury. But the damage to the vehicle was far worse as the engine was thrown 20 yards from the chassis.

Technicians at McLaren spent four weeks calculating the repair cost, with the figure working out at £910,000. Salesman David said the work made it “pretty much a brand new car”.

“[Now] it has become a thing of value, it is time for it to be enjoyed by someone else,” he said. It’s also possible that the crash four years ago may have set Atkinson back a bit: the repair bill was reportedly $1.4 million (luckily the actor himself wasn’t seriously injured). Auto Evolution reports that it took four weeks just to calculate the repair costs and another year to get the work done.

The 59-year-old acto told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Look at a modern supercar of comparable performance and it will be vast, heavy and offer little or no space for your luggage.

‘By comparison the F1 is tiny, yet it will seat three, store enough for you all to go on holiday and still finds space for a proper, normally aspirated 6.1-litre V12 engine. And it weighs the same as a shopping car. Nothing has ever been designed before or since with such imagination and clarity of thought.’

Atkinson is a longtime car enthusiast who has collected numerous vehicles in the past, reports.

“In case you didn’t know, Rowan Atkinson is in fact an avid car collector and race enthusiast,” said the site. “He raced several cars including a Renault 5 GT Turbo for two seasons for its one make series. Besides the McLaren, he previously owned a Honda NSX. An Audi R8 and Honda Civic Hybrid add up to the actor’s pretty big car collection …

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Rowan Atkinson car:  Actor Is Sell His Mclaren F1 For A Cool $15M

Rowan Atkinson car: Actor Is Sell His Mclaren F1 For A Cool $15M