Tinder Over 30:   New Tinder App targets Older Demographic  © Nyul | Dreamstime.com

Tinder Over 30: New Tinder App targets Older Demographic © Nyul | Dreamstime.com

Will Older Tinder Users Use the New Age-Based Paywall to Their Advantage?

Tinder, the dating app that promises easy, casual and fun access to sex and relationships, has added a new twist for users older than 30. On Monday, Tinder released a new premium paid service that charges over-30 Tinder users a monthly fee of $19.99 for the new service, while those under 30 will pay $9.99. Tinder marketers say that their research supports that tiered pricing will benefit older users, and more importantly, won’t steer them away toanother, lower-cost site. While the over-30 crowd on Tinder is still less than 10% of total users, expect the older crowd to find ways to manipulate the new premium service to their advantage.

Older users may have some subtle advantages with dating apps already, in terms of disposable income, life experience and the all-important series of very flattering, impressive photos streamed from Facebook. Women of all ages report that they are looking for sophisticated, mature male Tinder users for hookups and sex. The male Tinder profile which emphasizes these qualities may be enhanced by the premium features. For men, seeking female users over 30, the paywall may represent an excellent way to better screen and target people. If a user is committing a monthly membership fee in order to hook up in different regions of the country, then other users have a better idea of matching priorities. Older users of dating apps know that they are pitched against the 18 – 24 year-old demographic, so they learn to use the quirks of the user experience to their advantage.