Walt Disney Monorail Car For Sale

The original Walt Disney Monorail car is now being auctioned on eBay. The current auction price is $169,000. The original price of the monorail car was $6,000,000. The monorail car has not received any bids yet, but it is currently being watched by over 1,000 eBay users.

The monorail car was purchased in 2014 by Christopher Nowak. He and his wife had been saving up to buy a home, but they decided to use the money to purchase the Walt Disney monorail car instead. Christoper and his wife are big fans of Disney World. They spent their honeymoon in Disney world. They have also visited all of the Walt Disney World parks.

It was our Last Spectacular Day at the Magic Kingdom. We were staying at the Polynesian resort at WDW. My wife and i were honeymooning at and having the trip of our lives. At the firework show we wished that we could have a cute little monorail of our own. When my wife went to bed, i snuck into the depot at WDW and threw it in the back of my f350 and drove away. In the morning we went to drive home and she saw it in the back of my truck. My wife was extremely happy to say the least:-)

The ebay auction reads:

“Some people have train cars in their back yard, imagine your own monorail guest room, or man cave. Mount it on a bus chassis and drive it around!! Turn it into your kids’ ultimate clubhouse. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a very serious piece of Disney history. The original price on a WDW monorail was $6,000,000.”

With purchase comes Free shipping:

This price comes FREE SHIPPING !!!! Yes that means delivery to your door anywhere in the U.S! I can also arrange delivery anywhere in the world if needed.

When Nowak first purchased the monorail car, he had planned to use it to take his kids to school. However, his plans have changed. The reason Nowak is auctioning the monorail car is because he and his wife need the funds to purchase their next big project.

Even though Christopher has placed the item up for sale, he is not sure that he is quite ready to part with the item. He says that he will have a salty taste in his mouth if it does end up getting sold.