lego star destroyer shattered

In a Youtube video created by WIRED titled, “Giant Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps | Battle Damage,”
the videos discription reads “What better way to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Day than by watching a Super Star Destroyer shatter in slow-motion?”

Wired explains:

WIRED US spent 16 hours recently putting together an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer kit — featuring more than 3,000 pieces, measuring 1.24 metres in length and weighing 3.5kg — so they could drop it from a height and film it smashing apart in extreme slow motion.

As great as the video is, many Youtube users shared the opinion that it would have been better if it crashed into the Death Star.

“They should have shattered it on a LEGO Death Star surface..,” one Youtube user wrote.

Check out the video below.