woolly mammoth michigan bristle

woolly mammoth michigan bristle

James Bristle was digging a drain pipe in one of his fields of wheat, when the loose soil sprouted the first bones.

“It looks like a rib,” he said at first the friend who was helping him dig. He never would have expected that the rib belonged to the skeleton of a mammoth lived between 10 and 15 thousand years ago.

Bristle, a farmer from Chelsea, Michigan (USA), has therefore alerted Professor Daniel Fisher of UMich, which thanks to a large number of students and volunteers managed to extract the skeleton of the animal in one day.

“It is a cross between a mammoth shaggy and a Columbian mammoth that at the time of his death was to have about 40 years ”, says Fisher. ” We think it was killed by hunters.”

According to American law it is up to James Bristle decide the fate of this piece, as owner of the land where it was found.

“Hopefully that will allow us to continue our research ”, hopes Professor Fischer. ” Further work would enable us to better understand the history and biology of these animals, and to expand our knowledge about the habits and way of life of the first men who lived in these lands “