Rarely seen: The animal has a unique assymetrical pigmentation on its omura’s whale filmed

Omura’s whale filmed

An international team of marine biologists has released a video that shows for the first time a specimen of whale Omura , a very rare species discovered only in 2003 and that previously had never been filmed or photographed clearly. The short sequence was filmed off the northern coast of Madagascar in an unspecified date between 2013 and 2015, in a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science .



GENETIC TESTING. The discovery of Omura’s whale goes back to just over a decade ago, thanks to three Japanese scientists, Shiro Wada, Masayuki Oishi and Tadasu K. Yamada, who have described it onNature after comparing the DNA of a specimen beached on an island in the Sea of Japan in 1998 with that of eight whales killed “for scientific reasons” in the waters of Southern in 1970. So far this marine mammal is still knew very little, so as to raise doubts about its real existence within the cetologica community.