Good Places to Find Thanksgiving Wallpapers for Your Desktop

All Saint’s Day, the day after Halloween, causes Americans to start preparing for another Holiday. Pilgrims, turkeys and more autumn colors go up in the classroom. Technical experts recommend not using wallpapers on home computers because all wallpapers slow down the computer to a small degree.

For those who have the PC power to handle it or who want to celebrate the holiday regardless of the cost to their productivity, a Thanksgiving wall paper can help them get in the mood for the season. Thanksgiving Corner and the Holiday Spot are two popular websites that can supply a PC user’s Thanksgiving-themed wallpaper needs.

If a person has a color scanner that can save images in any popular graphic format, he can create his own wallpaper from Thanksgiving decorations he has around his house. A user simply needs to go into the desktop options from the control menu and select the file created as the desktop wallpaper.


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