Canadian born and raised Brett Lawrie was handed a four game suspension and also slapped with an undisclosed fine, on Wednesday, by the Major League Baseball.

In the ninth inning, on Tuesday night, Toronto against Tampa Bay, the umpire Bill Miller, called a strike against Lawrie who rebelled against the decision. Laurie’s protestations then caused Miller to eject him. The situation spiraled out of control when Lawrie started towards Miller, and slammed his helmet at the umpire’s feet which bounched up and struck Miller in the hip.

Laurie’s reaction afterwards seemed apologetic: “The only thing I would change is maybe not throwing the helmet or any equipment toward the umpire because you can get an unlucky hop and have the kind of mess that’s going on right now,” he said.

Laurie has appealed the decision which means he is still in the game until his hearing next week. As for Miller’s reaction to the incident: “That’s a bit extreme,” he said.