NFL hall-of-famer Dieon Sanders will be paying more than ten-thousand dollars per month in child support to his estranged wife. That’s the ruling of a judge in the couple’s bitter and ongoing custody battle.

Pilar Sanders had sued the former superstar for both child and spousal support following an alleged incident at the house the couple shared together in April. Both made allegations of physical assault, sparking a legal battle that had each party gunning for payments and custody from the other.

The judge’s decision wound up split on the issue. Dieon will pay $10,550 per month to Pilar for child support only. He must also cover his ex-wife’s exorbitant legal fees. However he was able to avoid additional payments of spousal support. According to court documents the balanced ruling was due to the fact that the judge was unable to find proof that either person committed assault against the other.

Deion Sanders Ordered To Pay Child Support