What baseball fan doesn’t dream of catching a fly ball from the stands? Baseball fan, Caleb Lloyd, doubled that dream by catching two back to back home run balls during the Cincinnati Reds game played at home against the Atlanta Braves.

The odds of catching one ball are high, many loyal baseball fans go to games for years without ever catching one ball. But Caleb Lloyd is not the first to catch two, either. In 2006 at an Astros game and 2007 at Yankee Stadium this same feat made headlines.

What is most amazing is Caleb Lloyd didn’t keep either ball. He gave the first ball to Pitcher Mike Leak as it was his first home run in the Major Leagues while he gave the second to his friend that offered him his spare ticket to enjoy that day’s game. Congratulations Caleb, you are a baseball hero!

Fan Catches Two Back To Back Home Run Balls And Gives Them Away