Tom Brady’s Father Says He Wouldn’t Give Permission Today

New England Patriot’s player Tom Brady’s father admits today that he would be “very hesitant” to allow his son to play football today, given what he knows about the dangers of concussion now.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, the senior Brady says he has been ultimately glad that he gave his permission years ago for his now famous son to excel on the gridiron but would feel conflicted about letting him start at the age of 14.

He admits he feels anxiety every time he watches his son on the field these days, knowing what can or could happen to players who are sacked one too many times and suffer multiple concussions to the head.

“This head thing is frightening for little kids. There’s the physical part of it and the mental part – it’s becoming very clear there are very serious long-term ramifications. I think Kurt Warner is 100 percent correct. He’s there to protect his children, and these other people who are weighing in are not addressing the issue of whether it’s safe or not for kids. All this stuff about, ‘He made his fame and fortune off of football,’ that’s true – but we didn’t know then what we know now. Apparently, they don’t take their own parenting responsibility very seriously, or they don’t value their children’s health as much as they should,” Tom Brady Sr. told Yahoo!

Brady indicated that son Tom admits to being “dinged” only once or twice, but says he’s not sure that his son would fully admit to his parents how many times he may have been exposed to injuries that could result in long-term disability or even death.

tom brady's Dad, Not Sure If He'd Let Son Play Football Today

tom brady's Dad, Not Sure If He'd Let Son Play Football Today