Forty-seven years ago, Houston, Texas opened its doors for the first time at the Astrodome. The first indoor sports playing field was deemed the 8th Wonder of the World by Walt Disney himself. Artificial grass was first played on in the Astrodome, coining the term Astroturf.

After the Houston Oilers left to Tennessee and the Astros built Minute Maid Park, not much was left for the Astrodome. The Houston Texans even chose to build their own football field, complete with a retractable roof. The Astrodome has been left vacant and unused for more than 7 years.

On June 26, Harris County Commissioners will review the proposals for the Astrodome. Four possibilities have been given including one hopeful option of creating a multipurpose facility. Houston citizens are hoping the city chooses not to demolish the iconic structure, but it is the city’s cheapest option. There is no timeline for a decision.

Houston Astrodome Demolition Fate: Multipurpose Facility?