Indy 500 braces for intense heat

The temperatures was forecast to reach into the mid 90s with a heat index of 100 degrees during today’s Indianapolis 500.

However, that didn’t stop tens of thousands of fans from gathering at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to enjoy the yearly event. Officials at the venue urged the fans to be prepared against the blistering heat and the race goers definitely listened.

People filled the Indianapolis Motor Speedway carrying sunscreen, water and ice filled coolers, and umbrellas for shade.

Portable misting stations and cooling stations were brought in to help those who needed it, but it has been speculated that at least 1,000 fans would be in need of medical treatment before the end of the race.

While the heat was incredibly scorching, it wasn’t the worst heat the event has experienced, the hottest race day in Indy 500 history was in 1937, when the temperature was 92 degrees.

Record Heat Expected At Indianapolis 500

Record Heat Expected At Indianapolis 500