Sunday was a sad day for the friends, family members, and fans of five-time boxing title winner Johnny Tapia.

The famous boxer was found dead in his Albuquerque, New Mexico home. Authorities have not reported anything suspicious about the death so far. However, the medics will perform his autopsy in the next few days.

Tapia suffered from a life filled with fights, depression, despair and drug overdose. Through it all he managed to come out on top five times in his boxing career.

His life of struggles began when he was just eight years old and lost his mother.

The young man was orphaned at that age and has been fighting his way through life ever since. It is very sad to see that he did not win this last battle.

Tapia will be well remembered by his fans as being “Burque’s best.” His drive and determination will be remembered for years to come.

Boxing legend Johnny Tapia dies

Boxing legend Johnny Tapia dies