Cincinnati Red’s player, Todd Frazier, packed quite a punch when he lost his bat Sunday night at the Great American Ball Park yet managed to get a home run.

In an amazing display of skill that probably couldn’t be repeated if he tried, Frazier’s right hand was actually off the bat when he swung, his left sliding off when the bat made contact with the ball and then went flying. On a day with a streak of home runs, it definitely added some excitement with its unconventional send-off. The runaway bat went took off in the bottom of the fourth inning. Frazier has been on a roll with five home runs this season.

Pitcher for the Rockies, Jamie Moyer, thought the bat was coming for him after he pitched his fast ball over the plate. For the Colorado Rockies, it was a disappointing day, losing 5 to 7.

Todd Frazier Loses Bat - Hits Home Run