Fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller promised that if he lost his bout with C.B. Dolloway that he would retire from the ring. Following a decision at UFC 146 over the weekend followed by his being cut from the UFC, Miller kept his word.

He retires after losing 9 bouts and winning 23. He admitted that many fighters before him who have indicated they are walking away do so only until their money runs out, but said he is looking forward to the many “other avenues” of employment he is being offered since he considers himself “a pretty smart dude.” Miller already has a successful gig hosting MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” and is learning the ins and outs of how to market his own brand.

Fans who expressed dismay at his leaving the fighting game and being fired from the UFC all in the same weekend were reassued by Miller through a Memorial Day tweet not to worry, he wasn’t dead, just taking time to figure out his next move.

Jason Miller Keeps Promise To Retire From Fighting