Premier League Remains Top Money Earner Through 2011-2012 Season

Premier League, England’s professional football (soccer) organization, released the payouts they made to their 20 club members and the payouts prove the sport is lucrative. Not only that, it shows that British football is enjoyed internationally as well. The top earners this year was Manchester City and Manchester United at £60.6m and £60.3m respectively. However, under the payout rules each of the 20 teams received £18.8m alone from the revenue earned from international broadcasts of their games. Overall, the payouts alone for all twenty clubs totaled £968m! Here’s how the payouts are structured:

* Half the total money to be paid out is split evenly between the 20 teams
* One quarter is doled out in “facility payments” whenever a team’s game is broadcast on TV
* The remaining quarter is parceled out according to the final standings

As the teams have sought after better talent, the revenue from TV broadcasts has also risen.