The controversy in New Orleans that has resulted in the suspensions of several former and currents Saints’ players, as well as members of the team’s front office, took another turn when documents related to the alleged bounty payments payed to Saints’ players for injuring members of opposing teams were released to the media.

Among the leaked documents was a “bounty ledger,” which may have been used to keep track of money earned by Saints’ defensive players for making hits that knocked opposing teams’ players out of action, according to

While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other league officials may believe that the ledger contains evidence of an improper bounty program in New Orleans, the lawyer for Jonathan Vilma, a Saints’ linebacker who has been suspended for the entire 2012 season because of his alleged involvement in the scheme, said that the ledger does not list members of the Saints’ team or opposing teams, and that it does not indicate any illegal hits took place.