A Jacksonville Jaguars player has been arrested on a DUI charge in Oklahoma. Justin Blackmon was pulled over by police in Stillwater, OK after consuming more than three times the legal limit. He admitted to drinking prior to getting behind the wheel of his Chevy Tahoe. The charge was aggravated drinking under the influence. Blackmon blew a .24. The legal limit in Oklahoma is .08.

Blackmon was subsequently arrested and later released from jail. He will not face any further jail time. The crime only allows for a fine to be imposed. In a statement, Blackmon apologized for his behavior. He stated that this wasn’t who he is and looks forward to proving that.

Blackmon has been arrested for DUI before. While in Texas, a police officer pulled him over for speeding. He was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge there in 2010. Speeding and crossing the center line is what prompted police to pursue the Jaguars player in Oklahoma as well.

Justin Blackmon Faces DUI Charges In Oklahoma