Jamal Lewis the former running back for the Baltimore Ravens filed for bankruptcy late last month. The filing for bankruptcy came when he could not pay his $10.6 million in debt. It is reported that he has $14.5 million in assets, but that these are tied up in various businesses and possessions.

His appointed bankruptcy trustee filed for a reclassification of the case from Chapter 11 which is where things are reorganized to a Chapter 7 which is where things are liquidated. Jamal missed a court meeting on Tuesday, but the case has been moved back to a July 10 date. This move has been set to allow for a June meeting with creditors.

It is reported that the former football player makes about $35,000 a month and his monthly bills come close to that amount as well. He is left close to $900 when everything is paid. His business investments include such things as a trucking company, an amusement park, and some resort projects.

Jamal Lewis Files For Bankruptcy