At the age of 40 Janet Evans has once again announced that she is retiring from the grueling world of competitive swimming. Although the one-time distance diva abandoned swimming competitions once before in order to focus on being a mom it appears that this retirement may be more permanent.

Swimming is a demanding sport and younger competitors have a tremendous edge. This year the 2012 Olympic Trials were proof that Evans no longer was a viable contender for a spot on the US Swim Team. In years past Janet Evans was a formidable foe in the 400m and 800m events but this year she was out of the competition almost from the sound of the starter’s gun.

Evans attempted to win a coveted spot on the US Olympic team Tuesday in the 400m freestyle event. She struggled to finish in the 83rd position out of a field of 113. Saturday would be no better as she ended up beating only 11 of the 65 swimmers that competed in the women’s 800m freestyle event.

Janet Evans To Exit Professional Swimming Competitions