Kazakh Olympians Claim Horse Meat Means More Horsepower

Kazakh Olympians claim horse meat sausages will bring them outstanding results.

The Kazakh athletes want to ship in their own horse meat sausages for the up coming Olympic games in London. Horse meat is an important part of the traditional Kazakh diet.

BBC reports, the Kazakh team is made up mainly of boxers, wrestlers and weightlifters, all sports associated with a protein-rich diet.

“We’ll bring horse meat and caviar for each team,” sports official Elsiyar Kanagatov said

But the British may not allow them to bring in their fuel food.

There are strict prohibitions against certain meats being imported into England.

Examiner reports that that Olympic officials are reviewing regulations.

Maybe the Kazakh Olympians can find another food which can give them the horse power they need.

As a horse lover, I certainly hope so.

Kazakh Olympians Hope To import Horsemeat Sausage?

Kazakh Olympians Hope To import Horsemeat Sausage?