Oympic Swimmer Thorpe Nicknamed The Thorpedo

Fans of the Olympic competitions love to see swimmer Ian Thorpe shoot quickly through the water, resulting in his receiving the nickname The Thorpedo.

He managed to triumph in this sport despite a childhood allergy to chlorine.

The native of Australia competes not only in freestyle categories but also individual medley and backstroke.

Thorpe holds the coveted honor of being the only person ever named Swimming World’s Swimmer of the Year four times.

After winning numerous World titles and Olympic medals, he announced his retirement in 2006, but encouraged his fans by announcing some four years later that he intended to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Although he failed to make the Olympic team, the Thorpedo vows to keep swimming.

“Frankly, I didn’t perform well enough to make the team,” said Thorpe, who dived back into the pool early last year after more than four years of retirement. “I knew that I was under such a time constraint in getting back to where I needed to be.”

He added: “I missed out because people were swimming faster than me.”

Thrope will take time off swimming during the Olypic games, but hopes to get back in the pool soon.

“I can kind of feel that there is some more to give,” he said.