Blind Archer Im Dong-hyun Sets World Record

Blind Archer Im Dong-hyun Sets World Record

South Korea Sends Blind Archer To Olympics

Recent qualification rounds for archery have seen South Korea at its best. It has seen this team so well, in fact, that it managed to break not one but two world records just in the qualifying for the Olympic competition set to see its opening ceremonies Friday night.

However, the interesting aspect of this story is that one of the members of this impressive gold-winning team is Im Dong Hyun, who is legally blind.

This competitor already holds two gold medals and seems set to go for three in the upcoming games.

The 26 year old athlete managed to get a score of 699. His team however, set another record with a combined 2,087.

“This is just the first round, so I will not get too excited by it,” said Im, who has 10 percent vision in his left eye and 20 percent in his right.

“Tickets have not been advertised or sold by (Olympic organizers) LOCOG for the archery ranking event,” read a statement from the venue. We have always made it clear that the preliminary rounds are not open for spectators.

“There are a number of unofficial websites claiming to sell tickets, we therefore advise people to be extremely cautious and vigilant when attempting to buy tickets and only purchase from an official source.”