Nbc Water Polo Malfunction Draws Reactions Online

Nbc Water Polo Malfunction Draws Reactions Online

NBC Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction

During various Olympic Female Water Polo events at this year’s London Olympics, NBC accidentally aired a string of wardrobe slip-ups.

During the highly physical event, the one-piece bathing suits that players wear are occasionally pulled out of place, revealing body parts that are unsuitable for general viewership.

This year, NBC aired multiple revealed breasts unintentionally, increasing the number of criticisms some viewers have for the Olympic Coverage.

The internet has been abuzz with talk about the slip-up, and photos of NBC’s mistake have been tweeted, shared, and both “liked” and “disliked” all over the web, spawning both lewd remarks and legitimate conversation about how events should be broadcast.

“Finally, @NBC gets something right! “@knifework: Yep. NBC just flashed a nipple showing underwater suit-grabbing in women’s water polo.” — tweets Todd Wilson

“That underwater camera is showing a lot of nipple and crack. I didn’t realize water polo was so erotic,” tweets Brandon Tillotson.

Not everyone was thrilled with the coverage.

“There was just a nipple slip on womens water polo. Do better NBC,” tweets King of R&B

Did you catch any of the coverage?