USA Wins Gold Mcdonalds Promotion Boats Low Calorie Menu

USA Wins Gold Mcdonalds Promotion Boats Low Calorie Menu

McDonalds is low calorie?

In an effort to highlight their low-calorie items, McDonald’s introduced its new “Favorites Under 400 Calories” menu, showcasing the fast-food items that won’t be that much of a health issue.

An assortment of foods — all apparently under 400 calories will be deslpayed on a new menu s nationwide.

Some menu items inclue, the Egg McMuffin, cheeseburger, Sausage Burrito, hash browns, iced latte, premium chicken sandwich, Oreo McFlurry, three-piece chicken selects, the Filet-O-Fish, medium fries, iced coffee, apple pie, and chocolate milk, to list a few from the press release issued by McDonald’s USA on Monday.

“Favorites Under 400 Calories is one more way we’re making nutrition information accessible. Like our mobile app, this platform aims to empower our customers and employees to make choices that are right for their nutrition needs,” Neil Golden, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA, stated for the press release.

“We’ve found that customers are surprised to learn about the calorie content of some of their favorite menu options at McDonald’s. In fact, customers may be surprised to know that about 80 percent of national menu choices are under 400 calories for the standard recipe,” Golden said.
The new menu came in ties with this weekend’s start of the summer Olympic games in London, set to start on Friday, with McDonald’s’ “Win When USA Wins Gold” promotion, noted the press release. Via the game sponsored by McDonald’s, set to begin on July 24, game pieces will be found on certain McDonald’s items, and they could give away things like foods from the “Favorites Under 400 Calories” menu, and bigger prizes like $25,000 in gold, trips to London and a Panasonic VIERA HDTV, listed the press release.

“McDonald’s is bringing greater awareness to calories starting with some of customers’ favorite menu items for under 400 calories,” Cindy Goody, PhD, MBA, RD, McDonald’s USA senior director of nutrition, was quoted as stating for the press release. “With Favorites Under 400 Calories, we hope to help customers understand how their choices fit within their daily recommended calorie needs, particularly with portion sizing and eating in moderation.” reports, the Under 400 program comes amid criticism of the London 2012 Olympic Committee for continuing to let McDonald’s sponsor the games despite their reputation for unhealthy food. The chain also just reported disappointing quarterly profits. Nothing like a “healthy” promotion to get some quick positive press?