Olympic: Matthias Steiner' Drops Weight On Head, Walks Away (PHOTO)

Olympic: Matthias Steiner’ Drops Weight On Head, Walks Away (PHOTO)

Defending weightlifting champion out after dropping barbell

The defending Olympic weightlifting champion is going home empty handed following a lift that did not quite go as planned.

Photos circulating online tell the tale of Matthias Steiner of Germany, who won the gold medal in the super heavyweight division four years ago in Beijing.

He returned to competition in London to defend that title only to lose his balance attempting a 432 pound lift during the snatch contest, reports The Vancouver Sun.

It was only his second lift, but Steiner was unable to regain his balance and fell to the platform.

The 432 pounds he was attempting to lift came down onto the back of Steiner’s neck, rolled down the length of his body and settled onto the backs of his legs as he lay prone on the platform.

Medical teams rushed to help him, and Steiner was able to walk away by his own volition. He did not return to competition, and instead went to the hospital for treatment.