Jason Mayhem Miller Arrested, Found Naked In Church

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James Mayhem Miller Will Have to Answer for his Mayhem Inside the Church

Mixed martial arts fighter Jason Mayhem Miller was found sleeping naked on a couch inside of Mission Hills Church after climbing through a boarded up window, according to reports.

Though Mayhem was found asleep upon the arrival of the church’s Pastor and the authorities, he had vandalized the church before settling down for his nap.

It is unknown why Mayhem ransacked this particular church that is located inside of Mission Viejo, but he will be able to tell his story to the Orange County judge that will be residing over his case.

Though Mayhem was not recognized by the pastor nor the arresting authorities, he is well known for his talented fighting in the ring as well as his expert advice on the popular television show The Ultimate Fighter and Bully Beatdown.

Though his behavior of trespassing and vandalizing the church does not display his known persona by the public he will now have to answer to his many fans about what is truly going on in his life to make end up on the wrong side of the law.

In May, Miller was banned by UFC president Dana White following his fight against CB Dolloway. According to white, “Mayhem” failed to fight adequately, resulting in poor results in the UFC 146.