Tebow’s Madden NFL 13 Ratings Close to Sanchez’s

The Madden NFL 13, due out this coming Tuesday, has Tim Tebow’s over-all rating at 77 and Mark Sanchez’s over-all rating at 80. This continues the very close race in the true life saga of Tebow at the New York Jets. It is acknowledged that Tebow is the back-up quarterback to Sanchez’s starting position, but who knows what the new NFL season will bring when Tebow is expected to shine on the punt team and in Wildcat sets.

Tim Tebow is ranked number 32 of the 112 quarterbacks in the popular video game, and he outranks Sanchez when it comes to agility, speed, trucking, and deep throw accuracy.

Tebow continues to be criticized for his unusual throwing style, which he has been practicing to overcome, and for the media frenzy that follows him everywhere.