Bill Belichick Fined

Bill Belichick Fined

Bill Belichick Apologizes, Faces Fine

The National Football League has given the New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick a $50,000 fine after he grabbed the arm of an official during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

The coach stated he did this to get the attention of the official to ask about the possibility of a replay for the Ravens’ game-winning field goal kick.

It is a longstanding policy in the NFL that any physical contact with an official during a game is inappropriate, and anyone who does it is subject to ejection, fines or other penalties. Belichick released a statement acknowledging this precedent and apologizing for the contact, taking full responsibility fo the mistake.

He stated that he understands and accepts the fine, and plants to pay it in full. The coach of the opposing team, John Harbaugh also bumped an official during that game, but the conduct was determined to be accidental and he was not fined.