NBA Punishing Floppers For Real This Time

NBA Punishing Floppers For Real This Time

NBA Floppers May Soon Be Fined

For some fans of the NBA, the act of flopping is a disgrace. When a player intentionally tries to trick a referee into thinking they’ve been fouled, some view this as a form of trickery that takes the competition out of the sport. This soon may change according to recent reports regarding a meeting held by the NBA competition committee.

Stopping the game and penalizing the player immediately would take away from the action of the sport.

According to the Inquisitr, the committee is proposing that a post-game fine be instituted upon the acting player. The committee feels that too many players have gotten into the act and that a post game analysis could be instituted that would determine which players were deceitful and which were not.

The consequences for repeat offenders was not announced. Some feel that this may be an overwhelming task for regulating officials when 10 or more games are played in a night, but most are cheering the announcement as a step in the right direction.

Not a new problem

According to Wikipedia, NBA added a rule in 1997 in an effort to reduce flopping near the basket, adding a 4-foot “dotted line area” around the center of the basket to help prevent flops. Such flops are charged as blocking fouls or no-calls.

In 2008, the leagure officials announced that they would impose fines on players who show a clear case of flopping and suspensions for repeat offenders.