NFL Players Complain Jerseys Make them Look Fat

NFL Players Complain Jerseys Make them Look Fat

Any man who has been in a relationship knows to tread lightly when asked the question “Does this make me look fat?” Now the tables have turned and the rough and tough players of the National Football League are the ones doing the asking.

New jerseys were unveiled by Nike in April of this year, and some players are less than thrilled with the way they fit. While the look may be flattering on kickers and quarterbacks, the linemen who clock in at over 300 pounds are unhappy with the new shirts.

Common complaints include them riding up, coming untucked, and general issues with their skin-tight style. When they get wet due to rain or sweat, the fabric shrinks, making the jerseys even more clingy. This causes the bigger guys to be even more self-conscious about their size.

Outspoken players include the Raven’s Terrence Cody and the San Francisco 49ers Alex Boone. Boone’s wife answered her husband’s question of “Does this make me look fat?” honestly, saying that it looked like he swallowed a baby.

“I don’t really care for the new jerseys,” Ravens defensive lineman Terrence Cody said. “I feel like they should put different material in for the big guys.”

49ers guard Alex Boone was defiant. “It makes me look fat, and I’m not fat,” Boone said. (He tips the scales at 300 pounds. Apparently, it’s water weight.)

Defensive players also claim that the problem isn’t only about fit. The new material makes it hard to get ahold of players they are trying to stop. These players want to do their job well, and they apparently want to look their best while doing it.