Los Angeles Center Fielder Mike Trout Robbed of Golden Glove

Golden Gloves – awards given to the best performing athletes in Major League Baseball by position served were recently awarded.

What has generated attention is the controversy over the man who came in second for the American League’s Center Fielder Golden Glove is rookie sensation Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels.

Fans of the Angels star center fielder believe their guy was quite literally “robbed” of the award.

Certainly, the stats support that claim. Trout finished the season with a defensive Wins Above Replacement (WAR) rating of +2.2 whereas the golden glove winner Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles had a -1.3 defense WAR rating. Apparently, that alone is enough for fans of Mike Trout to cry foul.

However, there are other factors that the selection committee must take into account when assigning these prestigious awards. However, that fact will likely provide little consolation to Trout’s fans.